Right to Information – Section L

Details of SPIOSubject dealt with the SPIODetails of Appellate Authority
Smt.Swapna p
Deputy Secretary,
Contact No.8860,
email id-catodeputysecretary@gmail.com
L1: All papers relating to Pre-primary Teachers, LPST, UPST and HM (LP/UP) in Kozhikode District.
L2: All papers relating to TTI, HST (subject and language) and HSST Junior in Kozhikode and Idukki districts.
L3: All papers relating to Lab Assistant, VHSE, HSST, HM and Principal in Kozhikode and Idukki districts. Section Miscellaneous. All papers relating to LPSA/UPSA and HM (LP/UP) in Idukki District.