“By education I mean an all-round drawing out of the best in child and man-body, mind and spirit. Literacy is not the end of education or even the beginning.” ~MK Gandhi

The department directly manages 14000+ schools, 160K+ teachers ,20K+ non teaching staff of the state.[Details in Sametham -the complete School Databank, SchoolWiki – Wiki of each Individual schools].The Department plays an eminent role in the physical and mental development of all pupils studying in schools. There has been tremendous growth in educational facilities at all levels of education in the state during the last 50 years. The private and public sectors together played significant role in attaining the present level and their contribution to the field are remarkable.The department administers school education from pre-primary level to the higher secondary level and teacher training.

Kerala’s achievements in social development and quality of life are, no doubt, inspiring and encouraging. The state has achieved a human development index comparable to the developed countries of the World.The society attaches so much importance to education that the school in Kerala is really the nucleus of the social microcosm. Better education kindles the aspirations of the people and the main concern is on how to improve the quality of education.

  • Ensuring equitable and quality education for all children leading them to be productive and socially responsible Citizens.
  • To evolve appropriate school education policy and to ensure participation of all stakeholders of school education
  • To allocate sufficient resources and to envisage legal and statutory frameworks
  • To formulate programmes and strategies for enhancing community participation.

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Sametham is an initiative from KITE to share the authentic data of academic and infrastructural details of Govt, Aided and Recognized Un-Aided schools in Kerala.


Samagra eResource Portal aims to supplement the Hi-Tech school project, it is essential for the schools to have right content in addition to adequate ICT equipments and trained teachers.



Kerala, God’s own country is also a country of diverse festivals. Kerala School Kalolsavam is a festival unique in its structure and organisation. The organisational set up from school level to state level for the conduct of the Kalolsavam is monitored by Education Department as per the manual drafted by experts in the field. Looking back into the history of School Kalolsavam in the last 59 years it is seen that the Kalolsavam has refined much in letter and spirit Students get opportunity to express their talent in school level, sub district level, district level and at last at state level. When performers reach state level, perfection reaches its zenith .

School Kalolsavam Website :http://state.schoolkalolsavam.in

Art works by students are available at :https://schoolwiki.in/

The Kerala State School Sasthrolsavam is the largest Science Fair for students in Asia region. Sasthrolsavam is a combination of five variants such as Science Fair, Maths fair, Social science fair, Work Experience fair and IT fair. The objective of such a massive event is to nurture the talents of students in areas such as Science, Work Experience etc through the learning processes which would eventually benefit the whole society at large The Sasthrolsavam is organized by the State Education Department and includes students from Lower Primary to Secondary, Higher Secondary and Vocational Higher Secondary sections. The Mega event itself is unique model for the world apart from being the venue for numerous experiments and findings.


The aim of School Wiki is to bring out collaborative data building and to generate more interest among students to learn Malayalam and to generate more contents in various subjects. The portal provides a host of features including special privileges for District Admin, facility to merge old username to a new user, search articles alphabetically, facility to display pictures in Wikicomments directly in SchoolWiki, Wiki Editor, School Mapping using of Open Street Map, facility to search in Malayalam and English languages. In addition to these, School Wiki also has specific extensions such as prettyURL, Upload Wizard, Editcounts, Checkuser, Gadgets and Thanks. SchoolWiki has been designed in such a way that schools can register into the portal using their school codes and upload their contents in their respective space provided under their district. Students, Teachers and even schools are encouraged to create their own ICT contents which form educational resources for the larger learning populace. Through SchoolWiki, these efforts of the students and teachers get a boost in terms of connecting with hundreds of other students and schools, contribute to the collective learning outcomes thereby enhancing the quality in student learning.