Right to Information – Section M

Details of SPIOSubject dealt with the SPIODetails of Appellate Authority
Smt Sagina G.S
Under Secretary
Ph. No. 8277
email id -saginags1976@gmail.com
M1:Mid Day-Meal Programme, Acquisition and Allotment of School and/Departmental Land/building.Allotment of School Ground for functions like Sports etc, Sparing of Vacant school buildings for other institutions, General Matters on Infrastructure Development and modernization of School, Purchase and Maintenance of all school Vehicles (other than Plan Fund, KIIFB, MLA/MP Fund, Disposal of Departmental Vehicles, Papers related to Kerala State Child Rights commissions, Papers related Section Miscellaneous.

M2: school Uniform Scheme, Paper Purchase, Printing and Distribution of Textbooks, Vidhyakiranam – Betterment of Infrastructure under KIJFB Fund (1-Crore, 3 Crore, 5 Crore), Purchase of School Bus under LAC- ADS,
construction works under LAC-ADS, Writing off unservicable articles in offices and schools, Writing off theft from Schools, IT Teachers, Linguistic Minority, Grand in aid from State Government for running the Braile Press run by Kerala Federation of Blind, Papers related to Legislative Assembly Committee, RTI Act, Papers related to Kerala State Child Right Commission.
Smt.Jayasree M
Joint Secretary,
Contact No.8529,
email id-mjayasreeakhil@gmail.com